Campus life

Discipline Work


  1. To promote a positive school discipline culture and build a safe and healthy school environment by carrying out disciplinary work seriously and strictly

  2. To put emphasis on preventive measures and educational work by teaching students patience and care, and help cultivate their moral character

  3. To develop students’ sense of morality, and help them build a correct view of life and a healthy lifestyle

  4. To enhance students’ self-discipline, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-learning skills, enthusiasm in service, courage and sense of responsibility for whole-person development through compliments, encouragement, reminders, advice, rewards and punishment, implementation of plans and leadership training


Moral Education

Working on preventive measures, the Discipline Department aims at developing students’ healthy lifestyle by helping them build a positive view of life and values, and strengthening their ability to cope with adverse situations. Teachers conduct morning assembly sharing sessions, and professional groups are invited to give talks and workshops on moral education for both senior and junior students. Topics include drug abuse, online crimes, sexual offences, addictive behavior, anti-smoking and anti-gambling measures.



Parent-School Links

The school has fully implemented a computerized Merit and Penalty Scheme. Students’ attendance, homework submission record and merit and penalty record are regularly updated by eDiscipline in the school intranet system and eClass App for parents. This can effectively enhance parents’ understanding of their children’s school life. Class teachers and parents can keep in close contact with each other to collaborate in disciplining students.



Cultivation of a Positive Disciplinary Culture

To encourage students to set up goals in school life and equip themselves with skills to face challenges, the school has organised the School Elite Class Competition, “We Can Do It”, “I Can Do It” and “I Love My School” reward schemes. Through “PLHKS Supremo” reward scheme and “PLHKS Star of the Class” election, a campus atmosphere with mutual appreciation is created, and students’ outstanding performance in attendance, homework submission and punctuality is recognized. Also, a “Demerit Waiving Scheme” is implemented to provide chances for students to correct their behavioral problems in an encouraging and effective way.




School Prefect Team

Formed by students with good conduct and academic standard, as well as enthusiasm to serve the school, the School Prefect Team is trained by the Discipline Department, and helps teachers maintain school discipline, establish a good school culture, and work with students to create a harmonious and happy school life.



Organisation Structure of the School Prefect Team


Through carrying out their duties and providing various services to the school, prefects in the team can foster their self-discipline, confidence and develop a right view of life. Such work strengthens their sense of cooperation, and help them learn interpersonal skills for dealing with different situations. It also builds up their self-confidence and self-management skills. This encourages them to be prepared for new challenges and setting new goals in the future, training them to become student leaders with diversified abilities.