Mission and Vision

School Mission

Our church, as the school’s sponsoring body, aims to spread the gospel to our students in order to guide them to the truth. We follow the curriculum prescribed by the Education Bureau to strive for a balance in spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic developments among our students. 



Our Motto

“Faith, Hope, and Love – Revere God, Love your neighbors, Be erudite, and exercise self-discipline.”



Our Vision

We strive to create a happy learning and teaching environment to equip our students to face the challenges in the 21st Century.





Our School

Students, parents, teachers, principal and vice principals, school managers, supporting staff and janitors are inseparable parts of our school, while our pastor, preachers and school social worker are our indispensable support.


A happy teaching and learning environment

A happy teaching and learning environment is founded on the respect for personal values and uniqueness, and a culture of “Respect our teachers & Love our students”. To teach happily means teachers can put into practice their professional ideals, dedicate themselves to the profession, and enjoy assisting their students to grow. To learn happily means students love knowledge, enjoy learning with an open mind, and always look for advancement. 


Our environment

Our school environment is made up of the campus, facilities, curriculum, assessment, activities, rules and regulations, and human relationships. 


Equipping our students

We facilitate students’ learning of the truth based on the bible. Apart from that, through acquiring diversified knowledge, and participating in extra-curricular activities, our students are nurtured to become confident, persistent, ethical, responsible, logical and creative individuals so that they can tell what is right from what is wrong, and can choose what is good and hold fast to it. It is hoped that, in this way, our students can ultimately unleash their potential and develop a correct outlook on life. 


Challenge of the Twenty-First Century

In the 21st Century, we need to face a number of challenges including drastic changes in knowledge and values, impact of globalization, knowledge-based economy, and technology-led innovation.

To establish ourselves in the 21st Century, we should strive to be bi-literate and tri-lingual so that we can effectively express ourselves, communicating as well as working collaboratively with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Meanwhile, we should also be proficient in the use of information technology, capable of integrating a broad range of knowledge as well as learning independently, possess a healthy personality and character, and pursue life-long learning. 


Our belief

  • The mighty power of God and his revelation of truth to humankind can help in whole-person development. Through the sharing of faith, teaching by words as well as by example, we do have a great impact on our students’ life. 

  • The youth have the ability to perfect themselves. All types of students are teachable if taught with appropriate teaching strategies and methodologies. In other words, happy teaching and learning is the cornerstone of effective learning. 

  • A school culture of mutual trust, understanding, respect and appreciation is conducive to the development of both teachers and students, enabling them to utilize their talents in different areas. An open and fair school administration also helps in enhancing effectiveness in education.

  • A common religious belief facilitates communication, helping in building a community with benevolence, love and care.