Campus life


Since 2016, the school has established a STEAM Education Committee. STEAM, an extension of STEM education, includes Art. The STEAM Committee is dedicated to promoting STEAM courses offered exclusively at our school. The course objectives are as follows: first, to nurture students' spirit of scientific innovation; second, to enhance students' comprehensive abilities in all subjects within STEAM; third, to develop students' creative thinking skills; and fourth, to enhance students' speech and communication abilities.



Starting the 2023/2024 academic year, our school has incorporated STEAM as a compulsory course for form one and form two students, replacing the previous Home Economics and Design and Technology subjects. The course content is designed by our dedicted team of STEAM teachers. These topics are carefully chosen to be relevant to students' lives in order to ignite their motivation to learn. In class, students engage in discussions, design projects, develop solutions, and present their findings on various real-life issues. Outside of class, they bring their ideas to life by creating prototypes based on their design plan. Through this comprehensive design thinking training, students cultivate their creative thinking skills. Moreover, they enhance their speaking skills through ongoing discussions and presentations, preparing them to become future innovators in the field of science and technology.

To supplement the curriculum, our school has established a STEAM club that organizes a variety of extracurricular activities. These activities provide students with opportunities to learn about the latest technological advancements, advanced programming techniques, and artificial intelligence.



Additionally, at the end of each semester, the school hosts a two-day STEAM Extended Learning Day for all form one and form two students. During this event, each student undergoes six hours of extended STEAM learning. The goal is to identify students' STEAM potential at an early stage and lay a solid foundation for self-directed learning. Our school's STEAM teachers select exceptional design concepts and projects from various STEAM activities to participate in prestigious STEAM competitions organized by major organizations. These efforts often lead to remarkable achievements by our students.