Campus life

Student Union and Houses


  1. To cultivate students’ leadership skills

  2. To develop students' ability to carry out large-scale activities

  3. To enhance communication between students and the school

  4. To enhance students’ understanding and sense of belonging to the school

  5. To strengthen the link between alumni and the Student Union


Student Union
The Student Union aims to nurture students’ leadership skills as well as their sense of autonomy, cooperation and civic consciousness; facilitate students’ exploration of their potential and develop their sense of belonging to the school. Also, it aims to organise activities and offer students welfare in accordance with the school’s principles. The Student Union Executive Committee is led by the President and two Vice-Presidents, under which there are four divisions: Division of Academic and Cultural Affairs, Division of Promotion and Publicity, Division of Joint House Affairs and Division of Student Welfare.



Four houses were established at the opening of our school:

Faith House: Everything is possible in Faith (Mk9:23)


Hope House: Hope does not disappoint us (Rm 5:5)


Love House: There is no fear on Love (Jn1 4:19)


Grace House: By Grace you are saved through (Eph2:8)

Student Union Activities Overview:

Whole year Stationery Crazy Sale
Publishing of SU Post
Class of the Year
Lunchbox Steaming Service   & Lending Service
Student Discounts offered by   shops
September Introduction of Student Union to S1 students
S1 House Orientation for S1   Students
Student Union Annual General   Meeting
Mid-Autumn Festival   Celebration Activity
November Singing Contest
Open Day SU Booth
December DSE Fighter
Christmas Day School   Decoration
January SU BBQ
March Inter-House Ball Games
April Inter-house Academic Week
May Teacher Appreciation Assembly
June Student Union and House Election