Off-school support

Level 3: Off-school support


Our school maintains close ties with external organizations. Teachers select outstanding students based on their performance and allow them to participate in a variety of off-campus courses, such as courses organized by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education and gifted programmes organized by various tertiary institutions. Also, we encourage gifted students to participate in various competitions in different aspects, for example, the "Hong Kong Academic Moot Defense and Moot Court Competition" organized by Shue Yan University.



4A Wan Hei Chun

Chemistry Summer School


This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to join the Summer Chemistry School Programme at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). This programme not only deepened my understanding of chemistry but also allowed me to gain hands-on experience in a university laboratory setting. The programme was filled with several exciting experiments, each designed to provide a deeper understanding of various chemistry concepts. We experimented with everything from organic synthesis to distinguishing chemicals with high-technology instruments like IR Spectroscopy. The advanced equipment and resources available were astounding and allowed for a depth of experimentation that was not possible in a typical school lab setting.



4A Chen Chun Ying


Exploring Global Cultures and Societyies - To Gender Societiesnfinity and Beyond



During the foundation week, we got the opportunity to be acquainted with global culture and societies through lectures, including the Study on Hallyu (Korean Wave) and digital economy. The pivot point of the programme is ‘gender’ and the further academics and workshops provides me with chances to know more about gender, including body politics, love and sexuality, gender equality and diversity. Through the researches and presentation related to gender issues in maritime industry, I could genuinely realize the facts and situations in the world surrounded by diverse genders. All these contribute to a profound and significant course.




3A Tang Siu Yan

HKU: Young Professionals in HKU Business School



It was a wonderful journey at the university of Hong Kong. By undertaking the business summer programme, I gained fun insights into Fintech, strategic management and marketing. Besides, what I relished the most is the final Startup Pitch Competition. We had to work in a team and persuade the professor to invest in our innovative products. That's exhilarating. I not only have learned essential soft skills for entrepreneurship, but also I have widened my social circle during collaborating with my team. HKU Business School, see you in the future, and sincerely thank PLHKS for providing me with this valuable opportunity to explore more!


4C Chong Lok Him

Hong Kong Shu Yan University: Youth Law Summit 2023

July to August 2023

I would like to express my gratitude to the school for giving me the opportunity to participate in the ‘Youth Law Summit 2023.’ Other than basic understanding on Criminal law and procedures of trials, more importantly, the Summit taught me how to become a leader. During the program, we had to collaborate with other participants to solve legal cases and discuss legal issues. This made me realize that as a leader, I have to guide and motivate the participation of team members. I learned to listen to others' perspectives, encourage collective thinking, and reconcile conflicts between different opinions. The above experience is valuable to me that will greatly assist me in my future aspirations of entering the field of law. Once again, I would like to thank my school for giving me this precious opportunity to improve myself.