Campus life


We aim to develop students' creativity through diverse and challenging art activities. These include activities to develop artistic skills, strengthen multi-perspective thinking, communication skills and positive values.


Choir and Band

The school enhances students' interest in music, builds their confidence, cultivates their gregarious spirit and their sense of belonging to the school through team-based music training.



Music Day

The "Music Day" is one of the interclass competitions at school. Choral singing enhances students' sense of belonging, and help them learn to appreciate and respect others' efforts.



Art Fair

The Art Fair is one of the important art events exhibiting the learning process and the learning outcome every year. It enhances students' learning interest and sense of achievement. It also helps them to learn how to appreciate and respect different artworks.



Art Show

The integrated arts performance is a show that combines music, drama, and aesthetics. It allows students to express themselves in various art forms.
By integrating different art forms, we aim to enhance students' confidence and performance skills.


Drama nite

Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School's "Arts Education Learning Area" introduces drama teaching methods and script writing at various grade levels.
Students organize an annual Four Houses Drama Competition, with a different theme chosen for drama creation each year.
Under the guidance of teachers, students from the four houses analyze the plot and adapt the script into a 30-minute play, aiming to present the essence of each play on stage for appreciation.




entecostal Lam Hon Kwong School's "Arts Education Learning Area" incorporates dance into the regular curriculum.
Not only does it focus on learning dance-related skills, history, appreciation, creative elements, and improvisation, but it also emphasizes students' self-development, cognition and confidence-building.