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'CS’ Mainland Study Tour

The mainland study tour is an important component of the ‘Citizenship and Social Development’ curriculum. Its aim is to provide students with the opportunity to understand the national situation and the latest developments of the country through field trips. It also enhances their understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture and promotes their sense of national identity.


The mainland study tour started in April 2023. On April 14, 2023, our school arranged for all S5 students to participate in the first "CS Study"  Tour" with the theme of "Historical and Cultural Conservation in Guangzhou." On that day, principal, subject teachers and students traveled to Guangzhou South Railway Station by high-speed rail.

Students and teachers visited the Liwan Museum in Guangzhou, where they can appreciate the Chinese-style gardens and the architectural styles of the early Republic period, and experienced the local customs and culture of Liwan in Guangzhou at that time. They learned about cultural conservation in Guangzhou, such as how to protect historically valuable buildings, within the Western-style houses in Xiguan. At noon, the students and teachers enjoyed a rich and delicious traditional Shunde cuisine at a local restaurant. In the afternoon, they visited the Guangdong Provincial Museum, which is the oldest, largest, and most diverse museum in the province in terms of its long history, extensive collections of cultural relics, and diverse exhibitions. Students were able to admire many precious historical artifacts and learn about the traditional life and culture of Chaoshan, Hakka, and Guangzhou people.

In summary, the mainland study tour allows students to experience the local customs and culture, which helps to extend what they have learned in the classroom. Prior to, during, and after the study tour, teachers also arrange various learning activities, such as encouraging students to collect information about the visited sites through different sources. After the study tour, students are required to conduct in-depth research and submit reports to the school in the form of individual assignments. The school also arranges presentations for students to present their observations and reflections during class and school assemblies.