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Physics note (ppt)

  Mechanics I
    Time, displacements and their measurements, scalars, vectors, and the addition of vectors.
  Mechanics II
    Speed, velocity, acceleration and their graphical representation. Apparatus and techniques for their measurements, elementary equations of kinematics.
  Mechanics III
    Applications of Newton's 1st law and 2nd law, experimental methods in mechanics, friction, addition of forces.
  Mechanics IV
    Applications of Newton's 3rd law, equilibrium of forces, moment, basic principles in statics.
  Mechanics V
    Momentum, impulse, elastic and inelastic collisions, conservation of linear momentum.
  Mechanics VI
    Kinetic energy, potential energy, work, conservation of mechanical energy.
  Mechanics VII
    Mechanical advantages, velocity ratio, efficiency, basic principles of machines.
  Wave I
    The definition of wave, terms on wave, transverse waves, longitudinal waves and stationary waves, etc
  Wave II
    Ripple tank experiment, wavefronts and rays, wave phenomena: reflection, refraction, diffraction and interference.
  Wave III
    Light and sound: the wave nature of light, electromagnetic wave spectrum, nature of sound, experiment on sound, fundamental note and overtone, etc.
  Electricity & Magnetism I
    Electrostatic, concepts of charge and electric field, various charging methods, electric field patterns, applications and hazards of electrostatic
  Electricity & Magnetism II
    introducting current, potential different and electromotive force, simple circuit diagrams, Ohm's law and resistance
  Electricity & Magnetism III
    power, direct current and alternating current, domestic circuit and safety rules,
  Electricity & Magnetism IV
    Electromagnetism, magnetic poles and field patterns, magnetic effect of current, Fleming left hand rule, applcation of magnetism
  Electricity & Magnetism V
    Electromagnetic induction, Fleming right hand rule and its applications, generator, mutual induction, transformer and electricity in Hong Kong
  Electricity & Magnetism VI
    Electronics, CRO, diode and various electronic divices, logic gates and their applications.
  Heat I
    Heat and internal energy, temperature and its measurement, definition of temperature scales.
  Heat II
    Change of states, latent heat, specific latent heat and its measurement, cooling curves, evaporation.
  Heat III
    Pressure, gas law, experiments and models of gas laws, kinetic theory of gas.
  Radition Part I
    Radiation, the nature of radiation, method of detection, the danger of radiation.
  Radition Part II
    Rutherford's scattering experiment, terms and definitions in atomic physics, radioactive decay, nuclear fusion and fission.