Science Week

The theme of the science week is Aeronautics. A series of activities are organized for the students to understand different aspects of this topic, including “Rocket” making, workshops, competitions and seminars.

Glider Project


All S6 students will make a glider model with given wood strips and material. The glider is assessed with the distance travelled before it land.




The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education

Hong Kong Physics Olympiad


The contest HKPhO is organised to promote physics education in Hong Kong and provide an enhancement platform for students with high potential in physics. The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) began its operation in 2008 with an aim to strengthen the nurturing of and support to exceptionally gifted students. Since 2008, The HKAGE has become one of the organisers of the HKPhO coordinating the contest. The HKPhO is co-organised by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. The Physical Society of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad Committee are advisors of the competition.



Hong Kong STEM Olympiad


Students work in teams to participate in the competition of STEM related “Knowledge Challenge” on both individual and team bases as well as the competition of “Innovations in Practice Challenge” to solve a series of problems and create an artifact to demonstrate their knowledge and skills related to STEM.