Junior Form History Curriculum
Level Topics


Topic 1 - Human needs : Past and present

1. Introduction to history study
2. Rise of ancient civilizations, and the distribution of the major world civilizations
3. Case study in the civilizations of the Fertile Crescent, the Nile Valley, the Indus Valley and the Huanghe Valley

Topic 2 - The development of European civilization

1. Classical civilization : overview of ancient Greek and ancient Roman Civilization


2. Medieval Europe and the making of Christendom


Topic 5 : The rise of modern Europe 
1. From God-centred to human-centred : the Renaissance and the Reformation
2. The Age of Reason : the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment
3. Technological advancement : the Industrial Revolution
4. Pursuit of liberty and democracy : the French Revolution
Topic 7 : The founding and development of the United States
1. The internal and external factors and impact of the American Revolution
2. Territorial expansion, westward movement and Monroe Doctrine in the 19th century
Topics 9 & 10 :  International conflicts and crises in the 20th century
1. Relations among countries in Europe, America and Asia and reasons for their conflicts before the two world wars
2. Impact of the two world wars
3. Causes and the major developments of the Cold War
4. The end of the Cold War and the international situation in the post-Cold War period
Senior Form History Curriculum
Theme A
Modernization and Transformation in Twentieth-Century Asia
  1. Modernization and transformation of Hong Kong
  1. Political and institutional changes
  2. Development as an international city
  1. Modernization and transformation of China
  1. Early attempts at modernisation – reforms and revolutions
  2. Socialist modernisation in the Maoist period and the evolution of “socialism with Chinese characteristics” in the post - Mao period
  1. Modernization and transformation of Japan
  1. Modernization in the early 20th century
  2. Reconstruction and growth after WWII
  3. Relations with other Asian countries
Theme B
Conflicts and Cooperation in the Twentieth-Century World
  1. Major conflicts and the quest for peace
  1. International relations from 1900 to 1914
  2. The two world wars and the peace settlements
  3. Major conflicts after WWII and attempts to make peace
  1. The quest for cooperation and prosperity
  2. International economic cooperation
  3. International social cooperation