Student Growth

Spiritual Education






  • To guide students to understand and accept Christian faith

  • To cultivate Christian students’ sense of commitment to their faith

  • To promote the unity of the Christian teachers, and their commitment to the work of spreading the gospel


To achieve these aims, the Religion Department has been holding the following activities: Christian Fellowship, Religious Weekly Assembly, Religious Morning Assembly, Gospel Week, S1 Gospel Camp, Class Prayer Meeting, Course for New Believers, Training for the Fellowship Committee, Growth Plan, Summer Camp, Christmas Service, Easter Service, Barbecue Night, Teachers’ Prayer Meeting, and Teachers’ Fellowship, etc. 



Religion Department


The school is founded by the Kowloon Pentecostal Church with the aim of spreading the gospel, and guiding students and parents to pursue the Truth and believe in Christ. In accordance with the stipulations of the Education Bureau, the school adopts a holistic education approach to help students achieve all-round development in spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects, and to practise teachings of the Bible and live the life of Christ.



Spreading the Gospel


With the aim to guide S1 students to understand the Christian faith and help them better adapt to their school life, the Religion Department organizes a S1 Gospel Camp for them in September every year. The three-day camp takes place at Suen Douh Camp in Fanling. In the past 20 years, more than 4,000 students have attended the camp, and about 2,000 have decided to follow Jesus Christ.





The Gospel Week takes place in November, with activities such as hymn sharing and testimonies, evangelical radio programmes, evangelical rallies, book exhibition, Evangelical Fellowship, testimonies by Christian Fellowship committee members, religious articles reading and song dedication during lunchtime. Over the years, more than 4,000 students learnt about the Christian faith and chose to live the life of Christ.



Growth Plans


Students who decided to follow Jesus Christ during the Gospel Camp and Gospel Week are invited to attend the Nurture Programme. Nurture groups are held on Saturdays during the church fellowship time, with brothers and sisters of the church acting as leaders. The Nurture Programme is based on the Eight Lessons of Growth, hoping that students can grow spiritually, and continue to learn in the Christian Fellowship after the programme


To cultivate our Christian students and their sense of commitment to Christian faith, we encourage them to pray actively, do daily devotions and read the Bible. The participants need to complete tasks on Bible reading, praying, recitation of Bible verses and take part in Christian Fellowship meetings during the school year. They will be awarded if they attend 70% or more of the fellowship meetings, or complete requirements for getting the gold, silver or bronze awards.


Development of Fellowship Meeting


Student Christian Fellowship is held every Friday after school from 4:00 to 5:30 pm. After the worship, students are grouped into new believers’ group and committed Christians’ group for different activities. The design of the weekly meetings is based on the school theme. The group song and motto are revised every year. In recent years, on average, more than 110 students have taken part in the meetings.


The Christian Fellowship Summer Camp is held annually in July at the Hong Kong Baptist Assembly in Fanling. About 80 students participate every year. The camp is an important camp for their growth, and the participants usually feel they have learned a lot.



Festive Worship


The Christmas Service takes place in December. Through worshipping, Bible reading, sharing and singing Christmas songs, we think about the meaning of the nativity of Jesus Christ. At the end of the day, Santa Clause gives out presents, and the whole school joins in the jubilation, immersing in a joyful and warm atmosphere. 

The Easter Service takes place in March or April. Through worshipping, Bible reading, sharing, video shows, meditation and hymns, we think about the meaning of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.



Teachers’ Christian Fellowship


Every Monday morning, all teachers gather at the music room to attend the teacher prayer meeting. They worship and pray together for happenings in school. Teachers’ Fellowship is organised twice: before examinations in January and June. Teachers can encourage and support one another during busy times.



Live broadcast of an Evangelistic (Television) programme