Vice-Principal Wong Wai-hung


Vice-Principal Wong Wai-hung (service period: 1985-2020)
Since joining Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School (PLHKS) in 1985, Vice-Principal Wong has taught a number of subjects, including Chinese Language, English Language, Biblical Knowledge and Civic Education. The subjects VP Wong taught just before he retired were senior form English Language and junior form Liberal Studies (which is the precursor to the subject ‘Life and Society’). With the passage of time, VP Wong has worked in PLHKS for thirty-five years.
VP Wong’s school days

Talking about his school days, VP Wong said that in order to help support his family, he had had to work outside school hours since primary five. In the mornings, he had to work illegally in a factory and went to school in the afternoon. After going to secondary school, Mr Wong switched to working during some long holidays, and he did not end his part-time work until the summer vacation of secondary four.

"My alma mater taught me about faith and gave me room to grow." VP Wong began to come into contact with the Christian faith in junior secondary school. After believing in the Lord, his originally passive and introverted personality was changed, and he gradually learned to show concern for other people, communicate with them and express his own thoughts to them. After becoming a Christian, VP Wong became the head of the student fellowship when he was in Form 6, and he also served as prefect and class monitor at the same time. To this day, he still cares about his alma mater and often pays attention to the news of his alma mater.


Looking back on his campus life in the past, VP Wong felt that his student days were quite fulfilling.

Class photo of the sixth form students (VP Wong is the student second from the right of the four in the front row.)
Committed to the field of education
In fact, VP Wong worked in accounting and auditing before joining the education sector. However, when he was making a long-term career plan for himself, he realized that he preferred to work with people. VP Wong also wanted to help young people grow and spread the gospel in the workplace. Therefore, he had two career choices at that time -- one was to be a social worker, and the other was to be a teacher. After a lot of struggles, VP Wong felt that only by working at a school could his wishes come true, so he resolutely joined the education field.
A photo with the first batch of students VP Wong taught (1985)
Unforgettable memories in PLHKS
For VP Wong, there are countless unforgettable memories in PLHKS.
For instance, during the first year of teaching at PLHKS, VP Wong was assigned to teach three classes of English and one class of Chinese. Mr Wong admitted that it was indeed a big challenge for a young man who was a novice teacher. Fortunately, a year later, the school was considerate enough to stop making the same arrangement.
In addition, VP Wong shared that when he first taught a public exam class, he was as anxious as the students while waiting for the release of the public exam results.
Looking back at the first few years in PLHKS, VP Wong said that most of the colleagues, being very young at that time, would organise enjoyable group activities for themselves from time to time, including cycling to Tai Po after school, going for a boat trip in the afternoon during the exam period, visiting one another during the Chinese New Year and arranging short overseas trips during holidays.
While the past is still fresh in his mind, one relatively recent event that VP Wong found remarkable was the attack of Typhoon Mangkhut in 2018. At that time, PLHKS suffered extensive damage. From Facebook, VP Wong learned that the false ceiling that the school had just installed was blown to the side of the road by the strong wind, but he could not do anything about it. What was more, the school’s alarm bell went off by mistake, affecting the peace of the neighbourhood, but again nothing could be done under the strong wind. The campus was devastated during the typhoon, with trees that had been planted for many years uprooted and the whole school in a mess. Faced with such a situation at that time, VP Wong inevitably felt uneasy, which also left a deep impression on him.
Teachers celebrating VP Wong’s birthday
Opinion on PLHKS students
Talking about the students of PLHKS, VP Wong said that they all have great potential. After all, they are all Band 1 students. In recent years, PLHKS students have achieved brilliant results in inter-school debate competitions, speech contests, mathematics and science competitions, etc. that they took part in. The fact that PLHKS students manage to share the limelight with their counterparts in prestigious schools prove that they have unlimited potential.
In addition, PLHKS students generally have a loving heart, and the teacher-student relationship has always been the school’s strength. Many teachers have maintained close ties with alumni for a long time, and VP Wong hopes that this fine tradition will continue.
New Year gathering with former students and their children
Bidding farewell to PLHKS reluctantly
VP Wong is a person who attaches great importance to relationships. What Mr Wong misses most when leaving PLHKS is the friendship that has been established with different people in school over the years, including fellow teachers, non-teaching staff, students, and tuck shop staff...
"After all, it's been 35 years!" It is said that ‘a relationship strengthens over time’. VP Wong firmly believes that the tacit understanding, mutual understanding and tolerance cultivated in the past 35 years are all his important gains and memories in PLHKS.
Expectations of life after retirement
After retirement, VP Wong hopes to have more rest, exercise more, devote himself to church service, spend more time with family members, learn something new, learn more about the Bible and travel around the world.
Farewell message to PLHKS students
VP Wong has left a message for PLHKS students: "Don’t take things for granted but treasure every opportunity you have. Study hard and make the best of your youth. Get to know yourself, give full play to your strengths, and improve yourself." It is hoped that PLHKS students will  always remember Mr Wong’s teachings, put his advice into practice, continue to study hard, and work hard for a bright future!

Exercising regularly both before and after retirement




Major posts over the years
Assistant English Panel Chair
Deputy Head of the Religion Department
Head of the Counselling Department