About our school    


Sponsoring Body
Our school was founded by the Kowloon Pentecostal Church in 1983. The building fund was mainly donated by Mrs. Lam Yip Wai Man in remembrance of the good deed of her husband, Mr. Lam Hon Kwong.


School Mission
The sponsoring body aims to spread the Gospel through founding schools, leading students to know the truth, to enable students to develop spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically, socially and aesthetically in a balanced manner. The school Motto is Faith, Hope, Love, revere God, love others, be erudite and exercise self-discipline.


Teacher Qualifications, Class Structure and Facilities


Teacher Qualifications
There are 62 teachers in our school. All of them have received recognized teacher training. 98% of our teachers are degree holders, 34% of them have obtained a higher degree or currently pursuing a master degree.


New Senior Secondary
Since 2005, our school has started the preparation work of New Senior Secondary (NSS) in the following aspects: Liberal Studies, Other learning Experiences, Student learning Profile, subject structure, professional development of teachers and pedagogy , assessment and human resource arrangement.


There are 26 classrooms and 13 special rooms in our school. All have been equipped with air-conditioners. Other facilities include an English self-access learning centre, a student activity centre, a multi-media learning centre, two performing arts rooms, a fellowship room, offices of student groups, and a synthetic spongy all-weather court. Besides, all students have been allocated a locker in their classroom. The entire campus is WiFi ready.


Learning and Teaching


English as the Medium of Instruction    
Our school adopts English as the teaching medium in most subjects. We put much emphasis on the enhancement of the English proficiency of our students. Our English Self-access Learning Centre has been established to enhance the self-learning skills of our students. Every year, students take part in the English Drama Festival and the London Trinity Graded Examination (Speech and Drama). Our school had excellent performance in the examination and got the Distinction with merit by the London Trinity Guildhall College in 2011-12.


Chinese Language    
Our school focuses on enhancing students' reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, intellectual and independent learning, education of virtue ethics, knowledge of Chinese culture and literature. We implement Using Putonghua as the Medium of Instruction for Teaching Chinese in Forms 1 and 2. We are also devoted to promoting extensive reading, online reading, literature writing, training on verse speaking and public speaking etc. Moreover, we organize writers' talks, book exhibitions, Chinese culture academic week, visits and cultural exchange activities regularly. We have also set up a Putonghua and Chinese Language Learning Centre for listening and speaking practices. Our NSS curriculum offers a variety of elective modules such as Novels and Culture, Master Works and Audio-visual Adaptation, News and Reporting, Drama Workshop, Selected Topic on Literature, Multimedia and Practical Writing etc. We endeavor to promote literature writing and commence literature curriculum. Our school was awarded The Award Presentation Ceremony of Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence (Chinese Language Education Key Learning Area) (2010/2011).


Liberal Studies    
We are one of the first schools which have implemented junior forms Liberal Studies since 2002 in Hong Kong by integrating History, Geography and other humanities subjects. The curriculum helps broaden students' knowledge base and equip them with the nine generic skills, providing them with a bridge to NSS Liberal Studies. To further assist students to master Liberal Studies, our school has established the PSHE Learning Centre and provided students with effective examination skills. Through all these measures, we aim to create a better learning environment for students and help them achieve better academic results in HKDSE.


IT for learning
Our school has spared no effort in promoting and developing IT-assisted teaching. We endeavour to help teachers make good use of IT in the teaching process. We have two computer rooms, a multimedia learning center, an audio-visual room, and the broadband Internet service can be accessed at different corners of the school. Inside every classroom, computers and LCD projectors have been installed to promote learning and teaching.


Arts Education    
Our school provides students with a variety of choices in the Arts Education curriculum, such as Music, Visual Art, Dance, Drama, Choir, Media Arts. In recognition of the School's efforts in promoting arts education, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council awarded our School with the Arts Education Gold Prize in 2003. Besides, the EDB avarded two of our drama teachers with the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence in Arts Education in 2006-2007.


Students' Growth


Spiritual Education
It is our wish and aim to nurture in our students a heart that is pure, loving and God-reverent. Basing our teachings on Christian doctrines and working through formal religious lessons and evangelical activities, we strive to build in our students a positive outlook on life and noble values.


Discipline and Counseling Work
We care about the needs of our students as they grow, so we strive to create for them an environment where mutual care and respect prevail. Our discipline work aims to nurture in our students the rule-abiding spirit, self-discipline and respect for others. Our counselling work comprises the following areas-providing individual counselling service, organising developmental group activities, implementing moral and civic education, and career counselling work.


Extra-Curricular Activities
It is belief that students can broaden their horizons and explore their potentials through participating in extra-curricular activities. We organise for our students different activities like Music Day, Sports Days and Drama Competition; besides, there are more than 30 clubs and interest groups. Our students are especially strong in such activities as verse-speaking, drama, choir, volley-ball and long-distance running.


Students' Performance
In recent years, the results of our students in HKALE have been excellent. The passing rates of all core subjects are close to 100%. Our students performed well in 2012 HKDSE. Over 80% of our students have been offered school places from universities.