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 Report of School Year 2008-09  (Principal: Mr Wan Pui To)

1: Preamble
For most people at their age of 26, they are enthusiastic, ambitious and vigorous. Similarly, for our school with a history of 26 years, it should have a clear school ethos, target and a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to teaching and learning. The students should also be willing to learn and take part in various activities. School administration should be efficient, effective and the relationship with its school alumni and parents should be harmonious. Having been in service for 26 years, we are highly confident that our school is well equipped with the above good qualities.
¡§Devoted to you - PLHKS¡¨ is the theme of our school this year. It is intended to encourage the staff members and students to collaborate with each other in helping the school to flourish, thrive and realize the word of God.
The three school major concerns are: 1) strengthening students¡¦ learning effectiveness and strategies and fully utilizing the resources available to improve students¡¦ academic performance in internal and public examinations, 2) enhancing the use of information technology in learning and teaching; 3) preparing well for the new secondary school curriculum by adopting a whole school approach.
There are 29 classes of students at PLHKS, with a total of 58 teachers, including 4 additional non-regular teachers employed with the aid of special grants and school reserves. 34 additional members comprising teaching assistants, technicians, office staff and janitor staff were also employed. The medium of instruction of the school is English language and all subjects are delivered in English except Chinese, Chinese History, Putonghua and Bible Studies.

2: Religious Work
514 students in our school are Christians, accounting for 47% of the student body. The S.1 Gospel Camp and Gospel Week this year were held in September and November respectively, during which time 120 students committed themselves to our Lord Jesus Christ. After these two events, 91 students attended a nurturing activity at Pentecostal Kowloon Church Shatin Chapel.
To facilitate students¡¦ spiritual development, the school has taken an active role in encouraging students to attend daily prayer session, have devotions and participate in bible study groups. In the whole school, 18 classes have held regular class prayer meetings, with an attendance of 275 pupils on average.
The Student Fellowship is held every Friday and it takes the ¡§big meeting, small group¡¨ approach in holding its activities. The yearly attendance is 121 participants on average. The preaching sermon for the fellowship was held on 6th March, 2009; and the topic was ¡§Love Too Late?¡¨
On top of the regular religious activities, the Religious Department reserved a cinema for students to watch a gospel film called ¡§Team of Miracle¡¨ on 7th April, 2009. 121 students joined this activity and 23 of them converted to Christianity during the meeting. Pentecostal Kowloon Church Shatin Chapel was responsible for arranging nurturing activities for the converted students.

3: Learning and Teaching
In order to boost the learning effectiveness and academic performance of students, this year the school has strengthened English learning, created a harmonious atmosphere for learning and modified the implementation of elite and remedial classes. The professionalism of teachers is also enhanced through peer lesson observation, collaboration in teaching, small group discussions and joint lesson preparation. Besides, with an upgrading of hardware and improvement of school-based curriculum, the use of information technology by teachers to facilitate teaching and learning, including e-learning, can be further developed. In preparation for the new senior secondary curriculum, we have had three main tasks this year: (1) to develop a concrete subject structure and develop the course contents and pedagogy of different subjects, (2) to organize the necessary teachers and train the teachers, and (3) to arrange and reassign classrooms and resources.
¡§Learning in a pleasant way¡¨ is what the school has been striving for. Because of this, the school organizes a ¡§Learning Day¡¨ every year to help students gain different learning experiences in real life. This year, the activities of the ¡§Learning Day¡¨ cover various key learning areas including Art, Science, Social Studies, Science and Arts. Students go on field trips and learn through different visits and on-the-spot investigation, and so they can broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge of Hong Kong society, history and culture, thus achieving the result of life-wide learning. Highlights of field trips include: On-the-spot investigation of the land use in Shatin, visit to Hong Kong Museum of History, Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence, Hong Kong Wetland Park, Ma Wan Park, landfill sites, Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve, Hong Kong Planning and Infrastructure Exhibition Gallery, Produce Green, Kadoorie Farm, Nam Lin Garden and Chi Lin Temple.
As in previous years, this year we still have very good results in the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination. One student from the Science stream has attained 5A¡¦s because of his hard work and persistence in his studies. In a number of subjects we have 100% pass rate, and credit levels of higher than 30%. 85% of our candidates can be guaranteed entry to University. Among these young fellows, 88.33% of them have been taking various local courses of undergraduate degrees and associate degrees; and some have continued their studies in overseas universities. The results in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination were also encouraging, respectively with an average of 95.2%, 100% and 96.8% of our students attaining pass grades in Chinese, English and Mathematics. The credit level for total subject entry is 40%. 7 students have attained excellent results of 25 points or above. There are 161 students obtaining 100% pass rate and 108 students attaining 14 points or above. Through the Stage I of Secondary Six Admission Procedure, 60 of our students were admitted to out school and they were guaranteed a seat of Secondary Six at our school. These results have affirmed the efforts our teachers have made in nurturing future leaders in society.

4: Students¡¦ Growth, Counselling, Conduct and Civic Education
¡§Project PATHS¡¨ has been introduced to all F.1 students to help them to be better prepared for personal development. Students, parents and teachers have all benefited a lot from it. Besides, the ¡§Brothers & Sisters Project¡¨ for F.1 has been one of the key projects of the Counselling Department and it focuses on assisting the young learners by senior form students. In this way, a supportive school environment with mutual trust and care can be created and F.1 students will receive the love and care they need adequately. Moreover, ¡§Caring for the Community¡¨ activities such as social services, blood donation and fund raising activities have continued to be welcomed and favoured by the majority of students.
After years of preparation, a new school uniform has been introduced to all F.1 classes. Moreover, with a view to enhancing the self discipline and responsibility of the students, the Discipline Department has launched the ¡§Submitting all Homework¡¨ project and ¡§Good Attendance Award¡¨. Also, ¡§Well-kept Campus Creative Animation and Comics Competition¡¨ has been introduced during the Inter-class Cleaning & Discipline Contest. In the activity, our students got a chance to express their creative ideas on school cleanliness and raise their awareness of school hygiene.
Civic Education Committee organized an ¡§Online Mock Legislative Council Election¡¨ at the beginning of the school term in a bid to let students experience their civil rights and civil duty. Besides, representatives from World Vision were invited to our school to share their experience of helping the needy and encourage the students to care more about the world around them. At the beginning of May and June, a series of educational activities related to ¡§Reflecting on the Tiananmen Incident¡¨ were held to arouse students' concern for the country and help them to learn about important historical and current events in the world.

5: Extra-Curricular Activities
The school has over 40 clubs covering 5 aspects, including academic areas, interests, sports, arts and social services, of which choral speaking, volleyball, dancing, English debate, drama and music have been yielding the most outstanding achievements in inter-school competitions. In choral speaking, our students have reaped more than 100 prizes in total in the Cantonese, English and Putonghua divisions in the Speech Festival, thus achieving a remarkable performance. In the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, our students obtained a total of 68 prizes. The teachers' unstinting coaching and the students' dedication are really encouraging. In English debate, although our students have not got extensive experience in debating yet, the school team has repeatedly beaten strong rivals and succeeded in getting outstanding results with the combined efforts of both teachers and students.
The school has not only emphasized students¡¦ development in spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic qualities, but also stressed on the balance between academic work and extra-curricular activities among senior form students. On the other hand, to be in line with the developmental plan of the Studies Department, teachers have been giving particular guidance to senior form students to assist them to allocate their time more effectively for extra-curricular activities, while at the same time their academic performance and learning needs are also considered. As in last year, ¡§The Rich and Poor Banquet¡¨ was held again this year so that students can understand the problem of the unbalanced distribution of reasoning the world food crisis. This also paves the way for the students to expose themselves to ¡§Other Learning Experiences¡¨ under the new senior secondary curriculum.
The 3-year ¡§Leadership Training Programme¡¨ has been launched to cultivate potential leaders and motivate them to participate actively in voluntary work. Also, a community research on ¡§The Use of the Internet by Youngsters¡¨ has been carried out and the findings will be released to public once ready.

6: Information Technology in Education
¡§Strengthening the use of information technology in learning and teaching¡¨ is one of the school major concerns this year, which is also in line with the third approach of using information technology in education recommended by the Education Bureau. The Information Department of the school has completed the following tasks successfully:
1.     upgrading the school Intranet to gigabit Ethernet;
2.     renewing all the computers in ¡§Multi-media Learning Centre¡¨,
3.     installing remote public announcement (P.A.) system in all the class computers,
4.     training teachers to use ¡§e-class¡¨ skilfully and effectively.
With the assistance of the new network, teachers can access multi-media teaching materials from the school Intranet promptly. Besides, the multi-media resources shared in morning assemblies, such as video clips and PowerPoint slides, can be forwarded to all classrooms through the remote P.A. system.
Our school has also been invited to become an e-Class Partner School and we have been sharing our experience of using online teaching resources with other teaching professionals in many occasions before.

7: Conclusion
1 Corinthians reads, ¡§Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain.¡¨ 26 years have passed away quickly and we believe that every step the school has made in the past has been under God¡¦s unceasing giving, guidance and blessings. Therefore, we have overcome different obstacles and challenges successfully. There is no denying that teachers are pleased with and are proud of the improvement the students and the school have been making. However, gratitude should also be extended to the school sponsoring body and the School Management Board for their guidance, the parents for their trust and the colleagues for their dedication and unswerving diligence. Looking ahead, education is still full of challenges and the work pressure of teachers will continue to be heavy. We believe that, with God¡¦s power, we will never succumb to difficulties. Instead, we will fulfil God¡¦s will and achieve the mission of Christian Whole Person Education.